My Hand Luggage Essentials

Hello lovelies! How are you all today? I’m actually feeling great today and super productive. I actually have a bank holiday off work for once (It’s Monday as I’m writing this) so I can’t help feeling fab! 🙂

Today I’m going to talk you through the list of absolute essentials I always make sure I take with me on a flight. I personally love reading these posts as it’s a good way for me to check things off my list and make sure I’ve not forgotten anything. For my hand luggage, I usually either take just a backpack (as if I have paid for hold luggage I put the majority of my items in my suitcase) or a small suitcase if I’m just taking hand luggage away with me instead of paying for hold luggage too, which is what I tend to do for small weekend breaks away. I Granted, I don’t fly much as I’m absolutely terrified and too poor for that constant travel life (Maybe one day I won’t be! We can dream…) but when I do fly I always make sure I have these little essentials with me:

1.) A good book

My number 1 thing I always make sure I have with me is a good book, especially if it’s a long flight. There’s nothing worse than sitting on a long haul flight, or even a short one, and being bored out your mind with nothing to do. A book is great for helping the time go quicker, as well as also being a fantastic distraction if you’re scared of flying – like me. I spend my time at home reading, so why wouldn’t I spend time reading on a flight when I have nothing else to do?!

2.) A portable charger

A portable charger is an absolute essential for me in my hand luggage, mainly for when I get off the plane. If all I’m taking is hand luggage then I need to make sure I have a fully charged portable charger for my trip away, but I also make sure I bring one in my hand luggage even if I take hold luggage too as there’s always the small chance of your hold luggage getting lost (of course this rarely happens, but I’m a paranoid wreck when flying!) Trust me, the last thing you want is getting off the plane with a dead phone and no idea where you’re going – Google Maps is a saviour!

3.) Makeup wipes

I always take makeup wipes in my hand luggage no matter if it’s a 1 hour flight or a 12 hour one. They’re a great way to quickly refresh if you’re feeling a bit dry/groggy from flying, or even just a fab way of waking yourself up if you’re feeling a bit tired and sluggish. Honestly, makeup wipes are just the best thing to take anywhere and are absolutely an essential any time I fly.

4.) Underwear!!!

This may seem like an odd one to anyone who takes hold luggage as well as hand luggage, but for me it’s essential either way. If you’re on a long flight, it speaks for itself… Who want to be wearing the same underwear for 12+ hours?! On the other hand, it’s a great way to ensure you have some spare underwear with you in case your hold luggage goes missing and you’re left with nothing… A good book can’t help you there!

5.) Fluffy socks

Taking fluffy socks on the plane to Amsterdam with me was THE BEST idea I’ve ever had. It might only have been an hour flight, but trust me when I tell you that hour was spent very cosy!

So, there we have it! They’re my five hand luggage essentials when travelling, no matter how long my flight is. Is there anything I’ve not included that you think is an absolute hand luggage essential? Let me know down in the comments.

Lots of love,

Soph. xx


4 thoughts on “My Hand Luggage Essentials

    1. I’ve been on a 3 hour flight in 2017 and a 1 hour flight this year, but before 2017 I hadn’t been on one for a good 5 years! Partly due to me having no money to go on holiday and being terrified on flying. 😭 Yeah, having a good game on my phone that doesn’t require internet and a book are great distractions for me too!

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