Holy Grail Makeup Products

Hi lovelies!

Today I thought it’d be helpful for my readers if I go through each step of my every-day makeup routine and let you know what my favourite product is for each step – eyebrows, foundation, lips etc! Hope you enjoy it!

Eyebrows: So, I always start with eyebrows when applying my every-day makeup. I used to be a base first kinda gal as the idea of blending my foundation around my brows made me cringe, but I now find it so much easier to do eyebrows and eyeshadow first in order to prevent fall out! My staple eyebrow product I’ve used for about 2 now is the Freedom pomade. It’s around £8, which is super cheap for a skint student like me! I find this product to be very similar to the ABH eyebrow pomade, which is £15… I know which one I’d rather go for!

Eyeshadow: My holy grail eyeshadow palette has got to be the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. Mine’s an absolute mess now because I literally take it e v e r y w h e r e with me. It’s a bit annoying that the packaging is velvet as it gets so dirty, but that’s a small price to pay for such an amazing product. The whole palette is easy to blend and insanely pigmented – it’s probably the first palette that got me loving eyeshadow! I’d say my top 3 shades are Realgar (orange), ‘Red Ochre’ (red), and Love Letter (pink/red). The perfect combination for a gorgeous sunset eye look!

Foundation: My current foundation is the Huda Beauty one in the lightest shade. I buy a new foundation brand each time I run out because I still haven’t found my holy grail, unfortunately. I do love the Huda one, but I’d say the best one I’ve ever tried is probably the Nars Sheer Glow, however I can’t repurchase as Nars sadly now sell in China (meaning they’re not cruelty free anymore). 😦 I’m so gutted! I’m on the hunt for a good coverage foundation that’s extremely pale (I’ve never found a foundation pale enough for my skin as they’re all too yellow toned!) so let me know down in the comments if you have any recommendations please. 🙂

Concealer: My holy grail concealer is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the lightest shade (extra fair). This concealer is great coverage but it does unfortunately run out for super fast in my opinion; however definitely not as fas tas the Revolution concealer (it’s a great product but runs out SO fast!) I am opening to trying new concealers though as, although I love the Collection one, it’s not perfect. Fun fact: I’ve never tried a high end concealer! Let me know down in the comments if it’s worth purchasing a high end one or sticking with my trusty drugstore…

Setting powder: My current setting powder for baking and setting my under eyes, as well as my whole face, is the RCMA loose setting powder. Although, I do also love the Soap and Glory powder if you’re looking for a powder that’s not loose – it’s great for setting your whole face but doesn’t dry up your face at all! The RCMA powder is great for setting your face and carving out your contour, and trust me when I say your makeup WILL NOT BUDGE for the rest of the day once you’ve applied this loose powder. I also don’t notice much flashback when I use this, which is essential for me when choosing a loose powder I love!

Contour and bronzer: The contour and bronzer I’ve been using for years is my ABH light-medium contour palette. I LOVE this contour shade! However, the bronzer is a little too orange for my liking (although I still love it.) Once I’ve ran out, I think I’ll be purchasing a Milani bronzer or maybe a Kiko marbel bronzer, as apparently they’re great for pale skin tones.

Eyeliner: I don’t tend to apply eyeliner in my every-day makeup routine as much as I used to, simple because I can’t really be bothered. However, when I do apply it I need it to be as sharp as possible. The Soap and Glory eyeliner pen is the best one I’ve found so far and is the only one I’ve used for years. Just trust me when I say it’s fab and you NEED it in your life if you want sharp wings!

Mascara: To be honest, I’m not too fussy with mascara as I have crap eyelashes anyway and tend to put false lashes on to hide them. I constantly switch between mascaras and since I’m cruelty free it is hard to find a good one, as I have quite limited choice. Please let me know down in the comments if you have a favourite drug store, cruelty free mascara that will transorm my lashes – I need all the help I can get!

Lashes: I constantly switch between lashes, but the best one’s I’ve tried so far were the House of Lashes in the style ‘Iconic’. They are perfect for a night out as they’re super spiky but fluttery at the same time. I can’t recommend these lashes enough if you’re a heavy lashes girl/guy. By the way, I use the DUO lash glue to stick my lashes on!

Lips: My favourite liquid lipsticks have got to be the Jeffree Star ones. Whether or not you like him as a person, you can’t deny he produces an insane makeup line. I’ve only ever actually tried his lipsticks/liquid lips but I’d LOVE to try some of his eyeshadows! I’ve also been loving a glossy lip at the moment, for which I either use my NYX butter gloss in the shade ‘Fortune Cookie’ or my Soap and Glory lip plumper gloss.

So guys, there we have it! My holy Grail makeup products for each stage of my life. What are your holy grails? I’d love to know if there’s any products you think I should try out!

Lots of love,

Soph. xx

*Amazon affiliate links:

Freedom eyebrow pomade: https://amzn.to/2Mr4XmW

ABH Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette: https://amzn.to/2Ktmect

Huda Beauty foundation: https://amzn.to/2KtfRpD

Nars Sheer Glow foundation: https://amzn.to/2QLhqR4

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer: https://amzn.to/2WfswyI

RCMA powder: https://amzn.to/2Z8uPW8

ABH contour palette: https://amzn.to/2Z9ihxI

Soap and Glory black eyeliner pen: https://amzn.to/2QMMrnG

Iconic House of Lashes DUPE: https://amzn.to/31a8Wry

Jefree Star Gemini liquid lipstick: https://amzn.to/2MvT4wc


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