A Letter to Myself

Dear Soph,

I know things have been hard at the moment. Well, for a while now. This doesn’t mean it will be hard forever. It might be difficult to think positively during low times, but never lose sight of all the good times you’ve had: The times when it was impossible not to smile. The times when you laughed until your stomach hurt. The times when you felt so full of love for yourself and everyone around you that you thought you could burst.

Please remember there has to be bad times in order for the good ones to feel special. You’re trying your best, and if there’s anyone who can get through this bad time it’s you. You’ve been through things people your age could never imagine, and you need to start recognising how strong you really are. There is nothing you can’t get through.

You know how important is it to remember that your life isn’t as bad as your poorly brain likes to tell you it is. You have a job, a blog, a loving boyfriend, a great family, and amazing friends. Of course this doesn’t make your illness any less valid, but it can be a comforting thought. Sometimes, when things are getting a bit too much and your head is shouting negative thoughts at you, it’s nice to remember nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

I know you’re feeling irritable at the moment, but try not to take it out on those you love. They are only trying to look out for you and help in any way they can, even if sometimes all they can do is give you a hug and reassure you that you’ll be okay.

And guess what? You WILL be okay.

Keep going – you got this.

Lots of love,

Soph. xx


9 thoughts on “A Letter to Myself

  1. You will be OK Soph. This too shall pass. Illness, mental illness are hard to live with. But they are not our essence, they are our experience. How wonderful that you feel grateful for your strength, and with the incredible people who share your life with you.

    Wishing you well.

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