It Wasn’t Meant to be This Way.

It wasn’t meant to be this way.

What happened to human emotion and empathy? What happened to people helping others instead of always putting themselves first? It’s great to love yourself but that doesn’t mean stop loving others. Human beings are put on this planet to love. Every single person has so much love inside them, so stop letting the world turn you cold. Stop letting other people make you heartless. You are so much more powerful when you spread love and positivity. Make someone smile and I bet it makes you smile too. Because, the thing is, humans feel better when helping others feel better. It’s the way we’re made.

It wasn’t meant to be this way.

People are disgusted at murder on the street, yet cheer in parliament when a bomb is sent to Syria. People say they care about mental health, yet don’t talk about it until it’s awareness week. People say they want to be loved, but don’t give love to other people. Want happiness? Then put happiness out into the world. You get what you give.

It wasn’t meant to be this way.

Humans are meant to love and care for each other. The planet is so naturally beautiful – you can drive down a country road and see green for miles. You can go to the beach and swim in the sea. You can go to a park and admire the flowers. We are meant to appreciate the earth we have been given, not destroy it. Walk round the corner instead of driving – listen to the leaves on the trees sway in the wind. Listen to the birds tweet. Live in the moment – not everyone is so lucky.

Instead of destroying everything and everyone, why don’t humans start to show some real emotion? Life is so short – don’t spend it projecting hate.


2 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Meant to be This Way.

  1. We living in rude and cold world Sophia, there are still very few good human beings, but it is very difficult to find them, i think jealousy, greed and money took over. People always interested in bad news. I really like your post, i m so glad i find you, we need more people like you in this world, who things the same way, i know you are struggling with mental health problems i was reading your other posts, but you are so good person and one day you will win this fight, i had depression few times, now i m feeling much better, but i m still fighting with overthinking and some worries❤️

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