Mental Health Prompt – Working On Us

Hi loves!

So, today I wanted to join my fellow blogger friends and answer some questions for you, created by Beckie over at Beckie’s Mental Mess. I LOVE these kinds of posts as I love answering questions (it actually helps me find out more about myself and my opinions, thoughts and feelings towards things) and I also love seeing my followers responses too!

Here are a few coping statements, do you agree or disagree?  Even if your answer is yes or no, please explain:

  1. This situation of sitting on a fully packed train either makes you feel uncomfortable or unpleasant, but I can accept it?
    No. I would find this extremely hard and even the thought of it makes me anxious. Hopefully in the future my answer will be yes. I have things to work on , definitely.
  2. Can I ride out the wave of anxiety, or do I feel like I need professional help now?
    I feel I need professional help now, as I’ve been dealing with anxiety for years and am unsure where to go from here. I can’t deal with it alone.
  3. Do you practice coping skills? If so, what works best for you? 
    I try to practice mindfulness, for example naming 5 things around myself I can see. This helps with grounding myself, however being so anxious makes it hard to focus, so this doesn’t always help.

Photo prompt – What does this picture signify or evoke in you?
This photo makes me feel extremely peaceful and content. I love the sound of ran on the window, as well as the look of it. It’s so cosy to know I’m snuggled up under a duvet and it’s raining outside. The rainbow is so beautiful and natural. Everything feels right with the word when I see this photo. Interestingly, it also triggers a mild sense of nostalgia. I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because no matter what age I am, how I’m feeling or where I am, rain on the window always looks the same.

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to participate, head on over to Beckie’s blog and read her post for instructions!

Lots of love,
Soph. xx

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