Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Tutorial – Purple and Orange Smokey Eye

Hi loves!

How are you all? I haven’t done a tutorial on my blog yet so I thought I’d start with my favourite kind of makeup – eyeshadow! A lot of people dislike the Subculture palette, but I’d personally say it’s one of my all-time favourite palettes. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Modern Renaissance, but it any palette as good as MR?!

Step 1: As usual, my first step was to prep my base with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in ‘Very Fair’ (the lightest shade). This is so the eyeshadow can reach maximum pigmentation and really pop on my eyes. I then proceeded to set my base with my RCMA loose powder – for this I used a Real Techniques setting brush. I always ensure I set my concealer as I don’t want any creasing when I apply the shadows.

Step 2: Next, I dipped my Morphe eyeshadow brush lightly into my transition colour, which was actually the shades ‘Roxy’ and ‘Dawn’ mixed in order to create my perfect pinky-nude. I kept dipping into these shades with my brush and applying them to my eye until I had enough pigment and it looked perfectly blended. I tend to bring my transition colour all the way up to my near my eyebrow, as I just like that look as I think it shows off the eyeshadow more when my eyes are open.

Step 3: After my transition was blended out, I dipped my brush into the shade ‘New Wave’ which is a lovely bright orange colour. I then blended this across my crease for around 5 minutes (each eye) to ensure it was perfectly blended and pigmented, as I really wanted this orange shade to pop above the purple – it will also help to blend out the stubborn darker colours later on.

Step 4: Now, this is arguably the most important step of the look as it’s the colour that covers the whole lid. I used a small brush I got in my Subculture palette to dab the deep purple shade ‘Rowdy’ onto my outer corner and towards the middle of my eye. I then used my original morphe blending brush to blend this colour out, which took around 10-15 minutes altogether as deep purple shades can be super stubborn when blending out. I also kept dipping back into the orange shade I used earlier to blend back into the crease, partly so we didn’t lose the orange under the purple but mostly to help blend that purple out.

Step 5: In my opinion, this is the step that helps the look appear a little less crazy. I took my brush from the palette and dipped into the deep pink/purple shade ‘All Star’. I then patted this onto my inner corner and blended it into the deeper purple shade I previously applied to the middle/outer corner of my eye. This, once fully blended, created a seamless blend from ‘All Star’ to ‘Rowdy’, rather than the whole lid just being one block colour.

Step 6: The second to last step is more important than you think, as it’s what pulls the whole look together and perfects it, because we ain’t spending an hour on an eye look for it to come out average! I took the original transition colours on a clean morphe blending brush and blended them near my eyebrows, before taking the ‘New Wave’ orange colour and going back over my crease with it. This just helps to finalise the look by ensuring all the shades are highly pigmented and well blended out with no harsh lines.

Step 7: The seventh and final step was my inner corner. I tend to use a highlight colour to make the inner corner pop, but this time I decided to stick with the colourful trend and use the yellow ‘Edge’ shade. However, I do wish I just used my usual highlight colour as the yellow shade isn’t as bright as I thought and ended up looking quite dull and muddy. I love this palette but this shade was quite disappointing!

So, there was have it – my first makeup tutorial on the blog! I hope you all enjoyed it. Please let me know if you’d like me to do another tutorial post in the future – it doesn’t have to be eyeshadow of course! 🙂 Do any of you have the Subculture palette? What do you think of it? Let me know down in the comments.

Lots of love,

Soph. xx

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8 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Tutorial – Purple and Orange Smokey Eye

      1. Loving the look🤗specially the eyes, i always struggle when it comes to eyes and eyebrows 😁i will check the video🤗

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