Comparison: Thief of Joy or Healthy Competition?

Hi loves!

Today, I want to discuss the subject of comparing yourself to others. Is it a good or bad thing? Why?

For myself, I find comparison to be both positive and negative. It’s great to compare yourself to others sometimes, as it can be the push you need to do and be better. If you feel someone else is doing better than you, it’s great to compare what you’re doing to what they’re doing as it can create healthy competition between you and the other person. It can be great motivation for you to create the best version of yourself you can!

On the other hand, comparison can be a largely negative aspect of human nature. It’s only natural to compare yourself to others, especially those you feel are a few steps ahead of you. You may be feeling great about progress until you see someone else is further ahead than you, which suddenly makes you feel inferior and not good enough. This is when comparison becomes ‘the thief of joy’.

My experience with comparison has been more negative than positive, simply because of my personality. If I see someone doing better than me, I can’t help but feel I am inferior to them and they are better than me at the particular subject at hand. The most recent example of this is my university results. I’ve finished 2nd year with a 2:2, which isn’t particularly bad, but I can’t help but feel ‘not good enough’ and like I’ve ‘failed’ due to comparing myself to those around me who have 2:1’s and above. This isn’t a healthy way of thinking.

Moreover, I frequently see people comparing themselves to others on a physical looks basis – for example seeing a beautiful girl on Instagram and wondering ‘why can’t I look like this?’ Unfortunately, this is when comparison can become your worst enemy. You are the only you on this planet – surely that’s something special in itself?

I don’t really know the point in this post.. I guess I just want to say that although it’s normal to compare yourselves to others and therefore push yourself to be the best version of yourself you can be, it’s important to remember to take a step back sometimes and acknowledge how far you have come. Who cares if someone else is further along than you? Everyone’s on a different journey, and that’s perfectly fine. That’s how it should be.

What do you think? Is comparison a good or bad thing? Let me know your perspective down in the comments!

Lots of love,

Soph. xx


12 thoughts on “Comparison: Thief of Joy or Healthy Competition?

  1. Good afternoon, i dont usually compare, because until someone is behind me it makes me feel better about me, but if someone is in front it makes me feel bad so i stopped doing that❤️, just trying to focus in myself without comparing, p.s. loving the make up, i always prefer more natural make up look🤗

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  2. Insigjtful blog post. I definitely agree with your thoughts on comparison. As a sponsored esports player Im often forced to take a good long look at the competition and compare myself directly to them. This can be a very useful tool when utilised correctly and by comparing myself to others whom have skills in my sport I can better see what steps I could take to improve. On the other hand I can also interpret comparisons negatively. I think this is because when I compare myself to others It can often shed a light on not only where I could improve but also my flaws and shortcoming and as a result I interpret these comparisons negatively rather than use them as a tool to better myself. What aspects in particular do you feel is it about comparing yourself to others that can lead to a negative response? Love this blog post btw look forward to seeing more like it.

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    1. When in competition with others in an aspect such as gaming, it’s definitely useful to look at other players and compare their techniques to your own. However, it can definitely be a negative if taken too far as, I imagine, it can leave you second guessing whether you’re as good as them. I feel comparing my university results to other people’s to leave me with a negative effect as I feel I haven’t done as well as them, whereas otherwise I would have been happy with my results had I not compared. I also feel when I look at others university work and compare it to my own I start to second guess my own work and panic if I’ve ‘don’t it correctly’, if that makes sense?! Thank you very much for the read and lovely comment! 🙂


  3. I know this is an older post of yours but I am really struggling with self-comparison tonight. I searched for blog posts about comparison and yours popped up in the feed. I needed to read this tonight, and I’ve finally stopped crying. Thank you for your words of wisdom. 🙏🏻💕

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    1. I’m so glad I could be of help ❤ You are so lovely and don't deserve to feel sad at all, message me on Instagram _girlvsworld_ or leave a comment on my blog if you ever need someone to talk to xx

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