My Shower Routine & Products

Hi loves!

Today, I’m going to share my shower routine with you! This may be boring to some, but I personally love reading people’s shower/pamper/skin care routines.. Call me sad; I don’t care!!

Just to make it more interesting, I’ll be talking you guys through my longer shower routine that I do around once a week, usually on a Sunday when I have a good end of then week pamper – my favourite time of the whole week!

So let’s begin, shall we?!

To start with, I rinse out the hair mask that I tend to leave in either overnight our for a few hours before my shower. The hair mask I tend to use is the Garnier ultimate blends argon oil one, however I really need to find a good cruelty free one! Any recommendations under £10? Please let me know down in the comments, as my Garnier one is coming to an end now and I’m going to purchase a cruelty free one when it’s finished.

After this, I use my Noughty ‘To The Rescue’ shampoo. This is a great cruelty free shampoo (they don’t sell in China and their ingredients are all vegan) that lathers up well and leaves my hair feeling extremely clean and nourished. Even better, Noughty hair care is 97% natural. This, as well as the brand being cruelty free, was the ultimate selling point for me. I love any product that’s all natural, which is why I love Lush face masks (and other products, but their face masks are my jam) so much!

Next, I use my Noughty ‘Rise and Shine’ conditioner (I always have to match my conditioner brand to my shampoo, anyone else?!). However, I actually leave this to soak into my hair for about 10 minutes whilst I shave and wash my body. This is to allow the conditioner time to soften my hair and really nourish it to the best of its ability. I do this every single time I condition my hair and it seems to have been working a treat.

Whilst I’m allowing my hair to soak up the conditioner, I start on shaving my entire body. I shave my legs, armpits and ‘down there’.. to keep it PG. I tend to use Soap&Glory ‘The Righteous Butter’ shaving cream along with a standard razor – any will do, I tend to buy mine from Superdrug. This soap&Glory product is the best cream I’ve found for shaving, as it leaves my skin so soft and supple whilst making the shaving process super quick and easy. The razor glides across my skin so effortlessly when I use this product!

After this, I use my Soap&Glory ‘The Scrub of Your Life’ exfoliator all over my body, focussing mainly on my arms, legs and upper chest area near my neck.This is something I pay extra attention to when I’ve fake tanned, but still do weekly (whether I’ve tanned or not) as I need to get rid of that stubborn dead skin. This Soap&Glory exfoliator is the best one I’ve found, however I really want to try the Soap&Glory Sugar Crush once I’ve finished this one! I’ve heard great things and it looks like it will smell yummy – the yellow and pink packaging just gives me that vibe!

After I’ve done this, I use my Soap&Glory ‘Clean on Me’ body wash (this brand is a massive part of my shower routine, if you couldn’t already tell…) Their products are just undeniably brilliant, with this one certainly being no different! This body wash is one of my favourite Soap&Glory products as it leaves my skin softer than any other body wash I’ve tried. It’s super moisturising and never lets me down!

Once I’ve done all that, I finally wash off my Noughty conditioner. I make sure to really rinse it out for a good 5 minutes as I don’t want to leave any remaining conditioner in my roots, causing my hair to look unnecessarily greasy (I HATE my hair looking and feeling greasy!!! Definitely a pet hate of mine.)

So, ladies and gents, that’s my shower routine! Did you guys enjoy the read? If you did, let me know down in the comments if you’d like an updated skin care routine or pamper routine for before and after my shower! What are your staple products for the shower? I’d love to know!

Lots of love,

Soph. xx

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  1. Beautiful review, I was looking for something and trying and I saw this! Haha ( I am lucky enough ) love this ❤️
    Thank you for sharing yay!



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