‘Working On Us’ Mental Health Prompt Week #7

Hi, loves!

I’ve finally managed to catch up to week #7 of the Working On Us mental health prompt created by Beckie’s Mental Mess! This is more of a triggering prompt, so if you’re sensitive to subjects around suicide/suicidal ideation, please don’t read this post.


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Week #7 (Delicate Topic) – Suicide Ideation

Prompt #1 Questions

  • Have you ever experienced suicidal thoughts?

Yes, suicidal thoughts are something I’ve suffered on and off with since I was as young as 7 years old, unfortunately.

  • Have you ever attempted suicide?

Yes, several times.

  • Were you ever hospitalized for a suicidal attempt and/or ideation?

General hospital, yes. Psychiatric hospital, no.

  • When you were hospitalized, what was your experience like?

I felt uncomfortable and scared. I felt guilty for taking up a hospital bed someone else needed.

  • Do you ever feel suicidal ideation since your release?

Yes, regularly. I don’t feel I’ve received the help I need, to be honest.

Prompt #2 Picture

I think this picture aims to symbolise how we don’t see how much people care for us until we are gone. However, I see it more as us giving someone the love and support we needed when we were alive. People don’t tend to care until it’s too late.


9 thoughts on “‘Working On Us’ Mental Health Prompt Week #7

  1. I like that line that floats around on social media “I need you to love me a little louder today.” We need the love and caring the most when things are the hardest, not after it’s too late.

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  2. This is definitely a triggering topic for some, but honestly, it’s one that needs to be talked about FAR more often – We need to break down the barriers and bust through the stigma surrounding depression and suicide ideation in order to pave the road for ourselves and those who follow to access the help, support and understanding that is so badly needed!

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