Do We Still Need Feminism in 2019? (Third-Wave Feminism)

Hi, loves!

I’ve been writing quite a few posts on feminism recently, haven’t I? Maybe the sun has brought my bad bitch feminist side back out! So, this time I wanted to speak about whether we still need feminism in 2019. I’ll be exploring the reasons people don’t think we do, and vise versa. Grab a snack, because this is going to be a long one!

So, it’s a common belief that third-wave feminism is pointless as we don’t need feminism anymore in 2019. Many people believe this due to aspects such as having a female prime minister (Theresa May), women having the right to vote, women having the right to own property and more.

Firstly, I want to speak about why I disagree with these points. I believe that Theresa May becoming prime minister was a great step forward for women’s rights (although, I’m not the biggest fan of the woman herself…), but let’s remember she was ONLY the SECOND female prime minster the UK has ever had! Considering we’re a developed first world country, I’d say that’s pretty despicable. It kinda feels like people think ‘oh, we’ve had 2 female prime ministers, what more do you want?! you’ve had your fill.’ Quite frankly, we want to have just as much chance of becoming a prime minister as our male competitors. We want our gender to stop affecting our chances at succeeding in these situations. We want to be treated as equal to men, but that goal is totally invalidated because we’ve had 2 female prime ministers, right?..

I also have an issue with people thinking we don’t need feminism, as women have a right to vote. This is where I want to make it clear that just because we have come a long way, doesn’t mean there isn’t further to go. The fact I am even writing a post trying to prove that we need to help women and men become more equal is proof feminism needs to exist. Why don’t you believe us when we say we aren’t treated equal to men? Is our word not enough? Sorry, but men don’t know better in this instance. Surprisingly, men don’t ALWAYS know better than women, especially when it comes to women’s experiences with their own gender. Feminism will ALWAYS need to exist, because a patriarchal society will always exist. It’s sad and extremely unfair, but that’s just the way it is, always has been and always will be. Just because we can vote, doesn’t mean women are equal to men in other aspects of society.. And I think we all know that deep down, whether you admit it or not.

My next point is owning property. As we all know, women can own property now, however it’s unfortunately not always that straightforward. The majority of the time in a heterosexual relationship, the male owns the property. One thing from Sociology A level that sticks with me is learning that many female domestic abuse victims don’t get found and rescued easily as often the male perpetrators put only their house down on the house/hotel payment. This leads people to believe only the male lives there/is staying there, leaving people obviously not being able to know if the woman is in danger. Anyway, got a little sidetracked there! But I find it a super interesting fact that more people should be more aware of.

Moreover, just because women have some right in the UK doesn’t mean they do in other, less developed countries. FGM (female genital mutilation) and forced marriage are incredibly common in third world countries. Ignoring this and saying ‘we don’t need feminism in 2019’ is ignorant and completely wrong – the women in other parts of the world need our help and awareness too. Don’t forget about them just because they don’t live in the Western world.

There’s so many more points I could make, but I don’t want to make this post too long. I may make a part 2 in a few weeks, but I’ll leave it at this for now. At the end of the day, just because POC have more rights in modern society does not mean there isn’t still racism everywhere. It’s the exact same with women and sexism.

As long as patriarchy exists, feminism does too.

Lots of love,

Soph. xx


12 thoughts on “Do We Still Need Feminism in 2019? (Third-Wave Feminism)

  1. I look at the world sometimes and it can be quite easy to look at the UK and think we don’t need it here as we’re far more fortunate than women in lots of other countries but I look at places like America, a developed country, and see the way that women get treated, especially with the new laws this year and it hits you just how far there really is to go x


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  2. I completely agree with this post. Although we have made massive steps in the name of feminism, there are still such huge issues in terms of pay gaps and career progression. Like you said too, certain other countries still need to take massive steps forward, even thinking about what some women have to go through is upsetting.
    Soph – x

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  3. I disagree with your point about women in politics, 32% of MPs are Women, a number which has been increasing quite quickly since the 90s, the new cabinet has more women members than any cabinet previous to it too, showing we can certainly get to the top.

    Of the parties represented in the Commons, their leaders are as follows:

    Tories – Male
    Labour- Male
    SNP – Female
    Lib Dems – Female
    Plaid Cmyru – Female
    Greens – Female
    DUP – Female

    Theresa May has only just left office, so it was in fact the labour party who were the only party without a female leader, in the Commons, and the only party to have never had a female leader. Thus says more about the Labour party than the rest of the Commons though in my opinion, and although in the past we may not have been given a fair crack of the whip when getting into top governmental jobs, now days a woman is just as likely as a man to get a too political position, as log as you’re not in the Labour party, and I think the progresiveness of our politics in that sense should be praised.


  4. While we have taken some great strides forward, there is still a clear divide. Until true gender equality is reached, there will still be a need for feminism in our society.

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  5. Women’s rights are so important today that we need to keep fighting for what’s right. It is a bummer that there are people out there who still believe that women are not as capable for success and feel the need to hold them back.

    Nancy ♥

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