July Favourites 2019

Hi, loves!

This is my second time doing a monthly favourites now and I received pretty good feedback on my last one! I also really enjoyed writing it and sharing with you guys what I’ve been loving and what new products I’ve tried out throughout the month. So, without further ado…

Blue smokey eye created with the Beauty Bay EYN Bright 42 Colour Palette
Pink, purple and blue eye created with the Beauty Bay EYN Bright 42 Colour Palette

Beauty Bay EYN Bright 42 Colour Palette

If you follow me over on my Instagram, which is where I post most regularly and interact with my readers the most, you’ll know how much I’ve been LOVING this palette. I’ve created a total of three (maybe four, I can’t remember!) eye looks with it, that I’ll include photos of below, that I have fallen in love with. Due to the wide range of bright colours, I find this palette is fantastic at giving me the freedom to create any look I want with it. The majority of the colours are incredibly pigmented and easy to blend (apart from a few of the brighter colours, which came out quite chalky and kind of ‘blended away’ sometimes), but for £23 I’m definitely not complaining. I mean, £23 for 42 shades – You can’t go wrong! Ultimately, this has definitely been my favourite palette throughout July and I’ll for sure be taking it into August with me too.

Pink look created with the Beauty Bay EYN Bright 42 Colour Palette
Pink, purple and blue look created with the Beauty Bay EYN Bright 42 Colour Palette
Beauty Bay EYN Bright 42 Colour Palette

Too Faced ‘Born This Way’ foundation

I recently splashed out and bought this foundation towards the middle-end of July as I’d ran out of my Huda Beauty one, and let me tell you I have fallen in love with this foundation. My all time favourite foundation is the Nars ‘Sheer Glow’, however I can’t use this anymore due to Nars recently making the (bad) decision to sell in China (meaning the brand now tests on animals – booo!) I’ve been on the hunt for a foundation I love as much as that one, and the Too Face Born This Way foundation comes pretty close. I’ve only worn it a total of three times so I’ll post a full review once I’ve worn it a decent amount of times throughout August, but so far I really like it! It’s medium-full coverage depending on whether you use a sponge or foundation brush, but not so dry I feel like I have chalk on my face. The only thing I would say is that it tends to dry up/flake off around and on my nose, but the majority of foundations do that. Obviously another downfall is the price (£29) but if you’re wanting to treat yourself to a more high-end foundation, I’d say this is the one to go for.


If you haven’t heard of Klarna, have you been living under a rock??? Joking, but seriously… Klarna is basically a way that you can pay for clothes/makeup etc on certain websites in either installments or at a later date. It’s so helpful when payday is 2 weeks way but you need a new outfit for the night out tomorrow, as you can buy the outfit with next day delivery and just pay for it in 2 weeks when you get your wages! It’s a dangerous game and I do have to force myself to be careful not to go overboard, but it’s the best invention ever! Just don’t get in Klarna debt guys.

Beauty Bay EYN Bright 42 Colour Palette and Too Faced ‘Born This Way ‘foundation and concealer

Me time

I’m not sure if putting this as a favourite is cheating, but it has been a favourite for me this month – I promise! July has been the month of going for walks alone, reading alone, writing alone, just doing a lot of things alone. And I’ve loved it. It’s really helping me to become comfortable with my own company and stop relying on those around me. Pokemon Go is definitely helping my lonesome walks though! 😉

Beauty Bay EYN Bright 42 Colour Palette

Soap&Glory body butter

So I’m assuming you’ll all have tried this at some point or at least heard of it, as it’s been one of Soap&Glory’s most popular products (I think?) for a few years now. However, I’ve definitely fell back in love with it during July. During July, I’ve been focusing more on self care and moisturising my body has definitely been a massive part of that. Whenever I wear this body butter my boyfriend ALWAYS comments on how good I smell.. I just reply with the old ‘Oh really? How weird, I don’t have any perfume on!’ I mean, I’m technically not lying… 😉

Pixi Glow Tonic

I don’t want to reveal too much about how I got on with this a I want to write a full review post once I’ve bought the full size version and tested it out for at least a month, but the small bottle was only £10 so I thought I’d give it a go this month.. I’ve been LOVING it! It’s just a shame the bottle ran out so fast. I’ll definitely have to purchase the full bottle soon and let you guys know if it continues to impress but, which I’m sure it will. This is the first product I’ve tried from Pixi and I’m definitely intrigued to try more from the brand.

So, that’s it for this month! I’ve been buying more clothes than makeup/skin care products this month so it hasn’t been as long as last months, but hopefully August will be full of fun new products for me to review for you guys! What have been your faves during July? Let me know down in the comments.

Lots of love,

Soph. xx


31 thoughts on “July Favourites 2019

      1. I love reading favourites posts, I always find new products that I want to try out. That Beauty Bay palette looks amazing, the looks you came up with are so pretty! I also love the pixi glow tonic, it’s worked wonders for my skin x

        Liked by 1 person

  1. The makeup palette looks amazing! I’d love to try it but I definitely don’t think I’d get my makeup looking as amazing as yours! I’m also a fan of S&G body butter too, it smells amazing and it works so well! Great blog 😊


  2. Loved this post – you’re super talented! That first look is my favourite as I love turquoise / teal eyeshadow although I’m not sure I could pull it off haha, looking forward to hearing how you found the Pixi glow tonic, I’ve heard great things. Thanks for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! The turquoise look was one of my faves too! I’ll be sure to let you know how I find the Pixi glow tonic – I’ve loved it so far x


  3. Your eye makeup is so pretty! The blue smokey look and the pink one are so beautiful – I don’t even wear makeup, but I’d love to see a tutorial! Thank you for sharing.
    Nellé x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love that pink, purple and blue look! So pretty! And ‘me time’ definitely counts as a favourite. I think it’s amazing that you dedicated so much of July to time for yourself. I’m hoping to do the same this month! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I kind of winged that look and it somehow turned out okay? 😂 I think ‘me time’ is essential, especially when blogging requires talking to people so much! I hope you have a great August, lovely x


  5. Wow you’re super at makeup lol I can’t even imagine the time and effort that took you. It looks flawless though! I wish I was even remotely capable of putting on makeup , but that has never been a strong suit. Oh well, I still love watching other peoples creativity!

    Liked by 1 person

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