July Recap

Hi, loves!

I am yet to do a monthly series looking back at the month, but I’ve seen some of my fellow bloggers write posts similar to this and thought it seemed like a great idea! It’s always good to set goals for yourself so you can look back at the end of the month and see if you met them, or how far away from them you were. We can all improve!

So, some things that happened throughout the month of July…

I hit 500 Instagram followers: July was the month I hit my first Instagram goal – 500 followers! I am absolutely made up with this and can’t wait to keep reaching the goals I set myself; I’m thinking the next one will be 1,000 followers. My favourite thing about my Instagram is that the majority of my followers actually interact with me and my posts, which is great as I’m not a fan of ghost followers/people who follow me just for the sake of it or for a follow back. I’m so appreciative of my followers and so happy to have them here with me on my lil Insta journey!

My engagement on my blog and Instagram increased: I noticed throughout July that my engagement on both Instagram and my blog increased quite dramatically. I think one of the reasons for my blog engagement increase is due to me promoting my blog way more than I did in June. My favourite method for this is through Twitter threads where bloggers find new blogs to follow and sometimes leave a lovely comment! My Instagram engagement has also increased compared to June, which I’m super happy with.. All the comments make me smile every day and I’m honestly so happy with the direction my Instagram is heading. I feel like I’m finally finding my place on the platform and making some great friends along the way! By the way, my Instagram is _girlvsworld_ if anyone would like to follow! Leave a comment in the comments section to this post with your IG handle and I’ll follow back. πŸ™‚

I went on a night out and didn’t have a panic attack: This is probably a funny one for people who don’t understand anxiety, and I like to make light of it myself, however this is such a huge thing for me! I went for a night out in a place I usually would avoid due to how busy it is, I didn’t get too drunk and I stayed panic-attack free. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of anxiety involved, but surrounding myself with my amazing friends helped combat that massively. I’m so grateful for them for always being there for me!

I posted more colourful/creative eye looks to Instagram: This is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages but not had the lady balls to do it. I love experimenting with makeup and colourful eye looks was definitely the next step for me. I’m proud of the looks I created and the response I got from my followers was amazing! I can’t wait to create more funky makeup looks in the near future, as makeup is one of my biggest long-term hobbies that I won’t be giving up any time soon. If you’d like to see a tutorial to an eye look I created, you can find one here.

I quit smoking and bought an Ecig: This was one of my biggest achievements this year, nevermind just throughout July! I’ve been a smoker for years and wanted to quit for so long, but never took the leap of faith. Buying an ecig has saved me so much money that I can buy clothes and makeup now without feeling guilty. I’d much rather save my health and my coins than buy cigarettes!

So, I guess that’s my top 5 achievements throughout July! I’m actually super happy with how the month went. How did your July go? Let me know down in the comments!

Lots of love,

Soph. xx


32 thoughts on “July Recap

  1. Congrats on such a successful July! Massive congrats for going on your night out and enjoying yourself without a panic attack! As someone that suffers from pretty bad anxiety, that’s an amazing achievement xxx

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  2. Awwww congrats on not having a panic attack when going out.

    I can relate because I have anxiety and it’s hard to put myself out there. But the moment I do, that feeling is something I can’t replace


  3. This is great! It’s so nice to see such positivity and I’m trying my best to get people to read my blog too! Please give me a follow on insta bclsays and I’ll follow you. Keep up the good work! X

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  4. Congratulations on your goals! These are some great achievements. I can definitely relate to a night out with anxiety, so not to have a full on panic attack is wonderful. I hope your proud because you should be. πŸ…

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