Glossybox Haul #1 | Birthday Edition

Hi, loves!

I’ve always been the kind of person who’s loved the idea of receiving a parcel each month with surprise goodies inside, but have never had the money to do it.. Or at least I couldn’t justify spending money on it. However, Glossybox has changed the game! I bought my first Glossybox for £8 (!!!) using the code ‘SPARKLE’ advertised on their website. The products you get in the box add up to over £50, so £8 is definitely a bargain!

Furr Rose Gold Lash Curler (RRP: £15): I thought it’d be interesting to start with this product as it retails for £15! I don’t really use lash curlers as they scare me (I’m a baby, I know) but I might actually start now I have a luxury one from a legit brand. I definitely need to start using one anyway, as my lashes are practically non-existent and don’t curl up at all!

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe (RRP: £17): This is probably the item I’m most excited about trying out. Huda Beauty is a brand I’ve loved for months, the Faux Filter foundation is one of my faves, so I can’t see this product letting me down. The fact it retails at £17 and I got it for £8 is amazing as well.

Bang Beauty Black Felt Tip Eyeliner (£15.75): I honestly can’t wait to try this product out! I’ve heard such good things floating around Youtube and Instagram, so I’m expecting it to work really well. I haven’t used eyeliner in months, which is a shame as it used to be a staple product in my every-day makeup routine. Hopefully this product will rekindle my love for eyeliner!

Wilkinson Sword Quattro 4 Blade Women’s Razor (£6): You might find this surprising, but this is the product I’m most excited about. Is that sad?! I just love a new shaving razor! I’ll update you guys over on my Instagram (_girlvsworld_) on how I find this one, but I love Wilkinson Sword as a brand so I can’t see it disappointing me.

Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Collagen Eye Masks (£1.65): I’m a sucker for collagen eye masks! I use a pair under my eyes to get rid of eye bags every time before a night out as I find it’s only a simple extra step that makes a lot of difference. I never want to look tired before an event so these eye masks always leave me looking fresher and more alive (which is never a bad thing, right?) I can’t wait to try this brand out and see if it’s as good as the other eye masks I’ve tried.

All these products add up to £55.40! The fact I got them all for £8 is genuinely astonishing to me. They even do student discount, which any of my fellow uni/college gals/guys will know is a huge help when you’re struggling to even buy bread… (I’d like to say I’m being dramatic, but I’m actually not.) I’ve definitely been converted to a Glossybox consumer – I’ve even just signed up for the 3 month subscription!

Have you ever tried a Glossybox, or something similar? Let me know your experience down in the comments!

Lots of love,

Soph. xx

*Amazon Affiliate Links:

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe – Shade ‘Ritzy’:

Furr Rose Gold Lash Curler:

Quattro For Women Razor:

Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Collagen Eye Masks – 3 Uses:


52 thoughts on “Glossybox Haul #1 | Birthday Edition

  1. These products look fab! I’ve wanted a subscription box like this for ages, but I’ve just never got round to getting one. I also love that feeling of receiving parcels, so this is great 😂 Thanks for sharing girl!
    Nellé x

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  2. I’m a Glossybox hoarder, I’ve taken a break for a while to use the products I’ve got! But that box has got to be my favourite so far. I tend to keep the boxes for storage, they’re the perfect size!

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  3. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the eyeliner – I am an eyeliner addict and am always interested in hearing about brands I haven’t previously tried!

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    1. the eyeliner was okay but it dragged across the skin a bit and dried up every few seconds!! i prefer my soap and glory eyeliner – i have a picture over on my insta @_girlvsworld_ of the eyeliner i wore yesterday using bang beauty if you’d like to go look! x


  4. I never really rated Glossybox but I think it all depends which products are included that month, you got lucky with this one! Great post.

    A Northerner Abroad


  5. Are these full sized? I currently subscribe to Birchbox and whilst you get a discount on the website, it does tend to only have travel-sized. Such a good variety of brands as well!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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    1. I think 4 out of 5 of the items were full sized that I received, but it may be different in each box! The only travel-sized one was the eye masks as you usually get 3 in a pack and this time you only got 1, but obviously the actual masks were normal sized if that makes sense? xx


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