Huda Beauty ‘Faux Filter’ Foundation | Review

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I’m really enjoying doing product reviews recently, especially makeup products, so I thought why not do another foundation one? For me, foundation is the most important step in my makeup routine (apart from eyebrows, of course..) so I rely heavily on blogger reviews when deciding which foundation to spend my hard earned money on. Foundation is the one product I always splash out on, whereas I usually just buy drug store concealer, eyebrow products, lip products etc. Foundation is so important to me, so I need to make sure I get it right! I’ve been using the Huda Beauty ‘Faux Filter’ foundation in the shade ‘Angel Food’ for around 3 months now and have used up the full bottle, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what I think of it!

Huda Beauty ‘Faux Filter’ foundation in the shade ‘Angel Food’

Claims – This foundation claims to create a full-coverage, matte finish that is water resistant and lasts all day. It even claims to last through ‘the wildest of weather, workouts or emotional outbursts’ – some pretty serious claims! It even claims to disguise tattoos (I don’t have any tattoos so I couldn’t test this out, but an interesting claim nevertheless.) Huda also says that a little bit goes a long way, so it’s better to build it up rather than put a think layer onto the skin at once. It retails at £32 and contains 35ml of product, which is a generous amount! From personal experience, the majority of high-end foundations contain around 30ml of product.

Wearing the Huda Beauty ‘Faux Filter’ foundation in the shade ‘Angel Food’

Review – Huda wasn’t lying when she said this foundation is full coverage. It ALMOST covers every single one of my freckles, and they are NOT easy to cover up. I genuinely have a ridiculous amount of freckles, so I don’t think any foundation will ever fully cover them. However, this does make me wonder if it would cover a tattoo – I guess you;d have to test that out for yourself if you have a tattoo! That being said, I don’t tend to build up foundations as I’m wary of looking cakey and wasting foundation, so maybe my freckles would be fully covered if I attempted to build this foundation up. The foundation is matte, as claimed, and definitely does leave a ‘filtered’ finish on the skin. It’s probably the most full coverage foundation I’ve ever tried, which is right up my street. Unfortunately, the lightest shade ‘Milkshake’ was sold out so I had to go for the second lightest ‘Angel Food’ instead. It wasn’t noticeably dark on me, but the shade above would probably have been a better fit for me as I’m shockingly pale.

Wearing the Huda Beauty ‘Faux Filter’ foundation in the shade ‘Angel Food’.

£32 is a lot to spend on a foundation, but if you’re a foundation junkie like me then I’d definitely say the coverage is reflected by the price – does that even make sense?! Basically, I think this foundation is worth £32. As expected, I got more coverage with a brush than a sponge, but I do still get quite a lot of coverage using a sponge. Surprisingly, this foundation isn’t massively drying considering how full coverage it is, which is great. However, it does emphasise some flakey dry skin around my nose.

Huda Beauty mini eyeshadow palette in ‘Mauve Obsessions, lip strobe in ‘Boujee’, and ‘Faux Filter’ foundation in ‘Angel Food’

Overall thoughts – Honestly, yes. If you like full coverage, matte foundations, I’d say this is the perfect one for you! However, if you have dry skin then I wouldn’t even bother trying this foundation out. It would probably end in disaster! Your money would be better off spent elsewhere, in my opinion.

Have you tried out this foundation?! What did you think fo it? Let me know down in the comments. 🙂

Lots of love,

Soph. xx


4 thoughts on “Huda Beauty ‘Faux Filter’ Foundation | Review

  1. I’ve tried a sample of this (yay for Sephora on holiday) and Milkshake was a pretty good match for me, unfortunately I found it way too matte for my dry patches. I was quite shocked by how full coverage it is too! It’s a shame I didn’t get along with it better because I think it’s pretty good value for a high end foundation and her shade range is great too x


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    1. It is a very matte foundation! Maybe it work have worked better with a more dewy primer? Or maybe it’s just better suited to people with more oily skin! I’d say my skin is more combination so some parts of my face liked it more than others 😂x


  2. Oooh! I hear so many great things about Huda Beauty. Foundation is so important – it is the basis that is right next to your skin. I love how it looks on you! It looks really nicely applied with the right amount of coverage. Love your look!

    Nancy ♥

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