Is Blogging Dying?

The dreaded question: Is blogging dying? I see people asking it all over social media, I see news articles about it, I see it being discussed between my fellow bloggers.. Personally, I don’t think blogging is dying. Not even close.

The blogger world isn’t the same as it was back in 2005, but that doesn’t mean it’s dying. Everything evolves over time. Social media has become such a huge phenomenon that connects people all over the world, as well as creating an array of business opportunities for self-employed people. It’s magical, and blogging is a part of that magic.

To me, I read blogs more than I participate in any other form of social media. How can blogging be dying when all I see on Twitter and WordPress are my fellow bloggers with an abundance of comments from other bloggers discussing the blog post they’ve just read? In my opinion, blogging is bigger and better than ever. Blogs used to be solely a hobby, now you can build/promote a business from your blog posts – isn’t that amazing?

Some people like to read a singular blog post, whereas some people prefer to just scroll down Instagram/Twitter instead. And, guess what? Some people like to do both. There will always be people who enjoy reading blogs, which means there will always be people who produce blogs. Supply and demand means blogging will never die, so long as we don’t let it.

I don’t know if this is me, but I feel a little bit of annoyance in the back of my mind whenever I hear this question being asked. I know it’s ridiculous to take it personally, but it does seem to somewhat hit a nerve. To me, it seems similar to telling someone who reads as a hobby ‘Oh, but no one does that anymore, do they?’ I just find it kinda rude.

My apologies for the passive aggressive blog post, but I had to say it! Blogging isn’t dying, it’s more alive than ever. It’s just evolving, in the best possible way.


24 thoughts on “Is Blogging Dying?

  1. I agree 100%.

    Never apologize for being passionate, it’s a great quality, one that distinguishes a good writer from a great one.

    The way I look at it, is there is a vast difference between blogging and social media.

    Facebook is mostly about venting or spreading un-original content rather than creating it.

    Instagram creates a visual experience, and Twitter allows us to be minimalists, which I believe is awesome on both accounts.

    Youtube is really the only contender, when it comes to providing original content. Honestly it’s more about how you want your content delivered.

    Plenty of people still enjoy reading an article rather then being distracted by visual cues and a far more forced perspective.

    As a writer I am obviously biased, but I don’t think that means I am wrong. The written word is far from dead.

    My rants done, awesome post. Have a great day.

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  2. I agree. I cringe a bit when I see people saying it is dying, because it seems like a bit of a put-down ro all the cool people busy writing great stuff. Sure, some people will prefer social media, some people will prefer Youtube videos, some people will prefer podcasts, but I think there will always be people that want to read blogs.

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  3. I totally agree with you! I think blogging has an authenticity and personal touch that other forms of media like instagram etc can’t replicate. Everyone has an instagram or facebook but not everyone has a blog where they share their opinions and thoughts in their own way and it’s always awesome finding new blogs too. I don’t blame you for being a little annoyed when people say blogging is dying alongside other negative comments! Thanks for sharing x

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  4. I don’t think blogging is dying. Of course, I’m a blogger so I’m biased. 🙂

    If anything, I think reputable bloggers can position themselves as important delayers of information in the coming years. In a time that more and more online news media is switching to subscription services, there’s a market for reputable bloggers who do just as good a job of covering the same topics, but for no charge.

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  5. I haven’t seen what is being portrayed in articles etc. But I think far from it, I think blogs and youtubers is the new marketing for society now. I definitely think it is evolving. But I neither would say it is dying! X

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