3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The road to recovery from my eating disorder has been a long process (7 years, to be exact) and it’s had many ups and downs. No matter how many relapses I have, I know I will always come back fighting stronger than ever. Recently, I’ve broken a few of my ‘eating disorder rules’ by making sure I start each day with a healthy, filling breakfast. These are some of the yummy breakfasts I’ve been enjoying, and that shouldn’t be too scary if you’re early in the recovery journey yourself and aren’t keen on the idea of delving in the deep end.. I got you!

Fruit and yoghurt: Simple yet effective, fruit and yoghurt really hits the spot for me in the morning. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and comforting, as well as being filling but not too heavy for first time in a morning. You can choose whichever fruit and yoghurt you wish, but I usually opt for strawberries&banana with a Muller Light lemon yoghurt – it’s delicious!

Fruit and cereal: Strawberries, banana (can you tell these are my fave fruits?!) and weetabix with soy milk has become my staple breakfast. It’s something I’m comfortable with, as weetabix has always been a safe food for me, AND it’s vegan! What more could you ask for? I’ve always found weetabix to be so filling but not to the point you feel bloated and sick. It always leaves me feeling satisfied and energised for the day ahead.

Smoothie bowl: I made these a lot during university term time, and probably will begin eating them again once I start my third and final year of uni this time round. If you’re interested in a full blog post containing my smoothie bowl recipe, I can definitely provide that for you! I usually use an assortment of berries, soy milk and banana. Oh, and I always top it off with a spoonful of peanut butter! It really helps with the thickness and flavour.

Do you eat any of these for your breakfast on the reg? Let me know down below what your go to healthy, or not so healthy (I don’t judge!), breakfast is. I love hearing new ideas of what to make for myself in the morning!

I really hope you’re all doing well. ❤


2 thoughts on “3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  1. Surprisingly, I don’t actually eat these breakfasts often except for the occasional smoothie.My go-to breakfast is chia seed pudding with mango/banana and its vegan too! 🌱 My other breakfast I usually eat is overnight oats which is also vegan. 🌱

    If I’m going to eat yogurt it has to be plain sweetened with some maple syrup and a banana, and I stopped eating boxed cereal because the first ingredients are usually enriched wheat flour or sugar. I try to keep my ingredients super simple.

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