My Top 5 Night Out Outfits

It’s no secret I love a good night out, mainly as an excuse to dress up… So I thought this post would be perfect for me. I also know a lot of you guys love nights out yourselves, or just dressing up for any occasion, so I thought it might be something you guys would love to read!

1.) Denim skirt and body suit: I love this outfit with Air Force 1’s (I don’t tend to wear heels as much when I go on nights out anymore, as I want to dance without being in pain!) It’s the right mix between casual and formal, and doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable when I’m dancing or talking to people. A denim skirt is such a staple in night-out outfit collection, and a body suit pairs up perfectly with such a simple piece – especially a lace bodysuit to dress it up a bit!

2.) Skort and tied t-shirt: I’m loving a tied t-shirt these days, even with my every-day pieces, but I especially love them with a skort for nights out. If I feel the skort is a little too dressy for the look I’m aiming for, the t-shirt tones it down nicely. I often wear trainers with this outfit, however my favourite footwear to pair with it is knee-high boot heels. Not as formal as heels, but not as casual as trainers – perfect for this look!

3.) Little Black Dress: If you’re going on a night out and stuck on what to wear as everyone around you is dressing up, an LBD is the perfect option. It’s not so dressy that you stand out and feel uncomfortable/out of place/’over the top’, but it’s not so casual that you look under-dressed. I always go for an LBD if I’m struggling to find a nice outfit for a specific occasion. It’s a classic and works every time.

Jeans and a nice top: This is the classic outfit to go for when you’ve decided to go on a night out last minute and having nothing to wear. This is also a great option when you don’t know whether to go casual or formal – for casual, simply pair it with trainers and for a more formal occasion, pair it with some nice heels/boots! Sorted.

Dress and heels: Now, I know I’ve already told you about the LBD, but a colourful dress is always a great option too if you have a little more time to plan your outfit and want to be a bit more adventurous! My favourite colour dress is red, but I have branched out and started going for other colours too, like mauve and pink! My favourite places to shop for going-out dresses these days is Oh Polly, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided and House of CB!

They’re my top 5 night out outfits! What are yours – do you tend to go formal or more casual? Let me know down in the comments. ❤


7 thoughts on “My Top 5 Night Out Outfits

  1. I mostly live in causal clothes and wear workout clothes in public if I can get away with it. I feel like my body type does not allow me to wear formal clothes, and that high-rise jeans do not look good on me. I still cannot bring myself to wear any kind of crop top in public because I am extremely self-conscious.

    Tbh I am not sure how I would fare with a night out. I have never been clubbing and rarely go to parties, and I don’t drink much alcohol. You are probably thinking that I am boring, and I probably am. However, I cannot tolerate loud noises and hate being in loud, noisy environments full of drunk people. Our ideas of a fun time are very different 😉

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  2. Jeans and a nice top is one of my default modes now haha, such an easy save when you don’t know what to wear – and big yes to wearing sneakers out instead of heels, so much comfier! x

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