Some Things I Kinda Maybe Like About Myself

Social media seems to be so negative these days, and my mental health posts are always about raising awareness of the negative side effects of a mental illness (which is GREAT!), but for this post I thought I’d do something a little different. I want to create a post containing some of the things I have learned to love about myself, because a little positivity can go a long way – NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED HERE!

My legs: My favourite part of my body has always been my legs. For a 5 ft 2 girl, I have kinda long legs. They’re also probably the slimmest part of my body, and the part I’m least self-conscious about. I like how they look in cute skirts and dresses. There’s only so much to be said about legs, but I guess I like mine and that’s cool!

My hair: Despite how much it often annoys me and I repetitively complain about it, I kinda like my hair. It’s quite thick and grows really quick, which I love. I’ve spent years caring for it and trying to bring it back to life, and I think the care I’ve given it is really starting to pay off. I’m super happy with my hair lately – it makes me feel pretty.

I’m empathetic: My personality is hugely centred around empathy. Some times this can be a bad thing, as I really feel other people’s sadness, but it can be a great thing too. If other people feel great, I feel great. It’s also really helped me be there for people as I often know the ‘right’ things to say in hard situations, as I know what I’d like to hear myself. To be honest, I just really care for other people deeply. I like that a lot about myself.

My dedication: This is largely shown through my academics and blogging. Although, like everyone, I often feel unmotivated and ‘lazy’, I’d say I’m a pretty dedicated person when it comes to reaching the realistic goals I set for myself. Simply put: Once I put my mind to something, I will do it. This can leave me with a lot of added pressure, but it’s overall a positive trait I have that I’m super thankful for.

My poetry: Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time or motivation to create poetry recently. I used to absolutely love it and had an Instagram I posted my pieces onto, but I’m not as passionate about it at the moment. However, I’ve always been a massive fan of writing in general ever since I was a child, and I think I’m pretty decent when it comes to writing skills.

My makeup: Admittedly, It’s taken a lot of practice to get where I am now concerning my makeup skills, but I’m pretty proud of the majority of my makeup looks these days. It takes me a lot of time and effort, but it’s so worth it in the end when I get to see the cool and often pretty looks I come out with. I really enjoy doing makeup and am pretty happy with my skills at the moment!

So, there’s some things I kind maybe like about myself. The further I got into this post, the more things I could think of. I’ve also come to realise in my time creating this post that it doesn’t have the be physical appearance that I like, it can be my personality, hobbies and skills too.

I challenge you to write at least 2 things you like about yourself in the comments! No negativity allowed. Let’s build each other up and radiate self love, energy and confidence. ❤


2 thoughts on “Some Things I Kinda Maybe Like About Myself

  1. Aw this was such a nice positive post!!! Im obsessed with your makeup, it always looks so amazing, you should be really proud. Also I’m jealous that your hair is so thick and grows fast!! Any tips you have send them my way xx

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