Positive Thinking Creates Positive Outcomes | The Law of Attraction

Something I’ve really become interested in recently is the law of attraction. I was introduced to this theory/way of thinking through Youtube videos originally, then I started to practice it myself and the outcomes I saw were amazing.

If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, the law of attraction is the theory that if you put positivity into the universe, you will receive positivity back. Sounds a bit cliche, doesn’t it? But, trust me, it actually works!

Ever since discovering the law of attraction theory, I put it into practice whenever I can. An example is this: Imagine you’re at work, and you’re in a really stressed out, bad mood. Being stressed about deadlines leads you to rush things you’re doing, which often leads to making mistakes. Making mistakes makes you even more stressed and makes your mood worse, and then the whole day is a right off as it just continues to get gradually worse. However, if you went into work with a positive mindset and took time with your work instead of rushing and stressing yourself out even more, the day would end much more positively than it would if you went with the first option.

Now, it’s a given that we all have bad days. We all have days where we just can’t be bothered acting positive. However, if we try to practice the law of attraction whenever we can, as much as we can, I can guarentee our every-day lives will improve. Every-day activities lead to end goals, right? So acting positive daily can actually lead to you smashing some of your life-long goals. Trust me, if you think I’m talking rubbish, just try it out for yourself.

Now, the important thing to remember is that faking positivity doesn’t necessarily work in this instance. The ‘fake it til you make it’ attitude is a great one to have if you’re trying to change your mindset, and that’s definitely the beginning stage of introducing yourself to the law of attraction. However, the universe can tell the difference between real emotions and fake ones. This is why it’s so incredibly important to really try to change your mindset. Personally, I have been trying so hard to change my mindset and look at things more positively. I definitely understand this can be harder for some than others, especially those suffering with mental health issues, but if you actively choose to make the steps towards changing your mindset towards life, I promise the benefits will be noticeable and have a huge impact on your life.

If you have the time, I really recommend reading up about the law of attraction. If you can, I want you to walk round with a smile on your face tomorrow. Often, this can trick your mind into thinking you’re really happy, which in turn actually helps lift your mood. It’s a great technique that I try my best to practice when I feel up to it.

What’s your opinion on the law of attraction – load of rubbish or interesting and accurate?! Let me know down below in the comments. ❤


3 thoughts on “Positive Thinking Creates Positive Outcomes | The Law of Attraction

  1. I love, love, love this idea. I believe that we do get back the energy we put out into the world, for sure! I worked really hard on changing my mindset a few years ago and I became a lot happier, focusing on positives in my life instead of what I didn’t have / negatives.


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