5 Favourite Things About Autumn | Blogtober 2019

Ever since I was a young child, Autumn has always been my favourite season. Summer’s too hot, Winter’s too cold, I guess Spring is okay.. Autumn just speaks to me on a different level. I love how cosy and comforting it is, as well as the lack of pressure to leave my house.. So, here’s some things I love about Autumn!

It goes dark earlier: This has to be my number 1 favourite thing about Autumn. The fact is goes dark earlier makes me feel a little less guilty about being cuddled up in bed at 6pm. Is there anything cosier than watching Nightmare Before Christmas, cup of tea in hand, snuggled up under a big, fluffy blanket? I think not!

It’s cosy: If you know me, you’ll know I love feeling cosy. For me, there’s absolutely nothing more calming than sitting in front of the fire with a hot chocolate watching FRIENDS. Add candles and a cuddly dog for extra effect, and what more could you want?!

Autumnal candles: I absolutely love Autumn scents. There’s just something about an Autumn candle that makes me feel extra cosy and relaxed. Not to mention how gorgeous the packaging tends to be for Autumn candles – deep purple/red candle holders hold a special place in my heart.

Autumnal outfits: Autumn is the best excuse to wrap up in an oversized jumper, some comfy leggings and gorgeous Doc Martens. This is my go outfit in Autumn, as it keeps me warm, cosy and leaves me looking fab-u-lous (if I do say so myself.) I just love the way this outfit looks on literally anyone, so it’s always my go-to throughout Autumn!

The leaves: Personally, I find nothing more aesthetically pleasing and Instagram photo-worthy than brown&purple leaves spread across the floor. The trees always look so beautiful during Autumn and, I must say, I love walking through loads of leaves and hearing the crunch beneath my toes.. That can’t just be me, surely?!

What are your favourite things about Autumn?! It’s got to be my all-time favourite season. Nothing beats snuggling up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate, cuddled up to your dog. Sorry, Summer babies!


One thought on “5 Favourite Things About Autumn | Blogtober 2019

  1. I am also looking forward to wearing more layers, big cosy jumpers, scarves etc. I also feels cosy inside. I love autumn! Thank you for sharing your favourite things about Autumn xx


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