5 Autumnal Lipstick Picks | Blogtober 2019

I thought this would be the perfect post to include in my Blogtober series, as who doesn’t love finding brand new Autumnal lipsticks?! Berry tones are perfect for this season, so I’m going to let you guys in on some of my faves!

Kat Von D ‘Lolita’: This is one of my all-time favourite liquid lipstick formulas and shades, especially in Autumn. It’s the perfect toned down berry shade and literally doesn’t budge from your lips for hours. It’s comfortable, long-wearing and the perfect shade for Autumn – what more could you want?!

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe ‘Boujee’: I received this gorgeous lip strobe/lipgloss in my August Birthday Edition Glossbox, and I’ve been loving it ever since! This creates the perfect opaque berry toned gloss when paired with the Kat Von D ‘Lolita’ liquid lipstick.

Jeffree Star ‘Androgyny’: This has been one of my faves in my makeup collection for around 2 years now – it just doesn’t get old! It’s the perfect purple/mauve colour. Not quite as berry as the last 2 lipsticks I’ve mentioned, but still absolutely gorgeous if you’re fancying something a little different that still ties in with the typical Autumnal colours/theme.

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Glastonberry’: Now, this is kind of a cheat as I’ve never actually tried this lipstick. However, I am definitely looking to buy it one Autumn when I can afford to as the shade is absolutely GORGEOUS! I can tell it would 100% be my favourite go-to lipstick for the Autumn months. I just need to bite the bullet and purchase it, but £25 is a lot for a lipstick..

Revolution Pro Liquid Lipstick ‘Telepathy’: This lipstick shade is absolutely stunning for the Autumnal months. It’s the perfect berry shade – just the right amount of plum and red mixed together. The formula is also super comfortable and stays on for quite a decent amount of time considering it’s only.. wait for it.. £4?!!!

What lipstick do you always find yourself reaching for in Autumn?! Let me know in the comments – I’d love to find some new staples to add to my collection! ❤


One thought on “5 Autumnal Lipstick Picks | Blogtober 2019

  1. Berry shade! What a pretty color; love how you have described it as plum and red so it mixes to the shade I love. I would not buy such an expensive Tilbury, but Telepathy is just so as not to be over or underpriced. 🙂


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