How to Make a University House a Home | Blogtober 2019

I’m sure by October the majority of you guys who attend university have moved into your flat/student house, unless you commute of course (how do you manage to get up that early?!) Therefore, I thought now would be the perfect time to show you guys how I’ve made my uni house/flat feel a little more cosy and homely! It can be so hard moving away from home at such a young age, so making the place a little more like home is essential and makes a big difference.

A big rug: The biggest thing that helped make my uni room feel more like a home was adding a huge rug to the middle of my room. If you’ve lived in uni accommodation, you’ll know how gross the carpets usually are, so a big fluffy rug makes a huge difference.

Fairy lights: These have been a huge help in creating a cosy space for me to spend the majority of my time in. The room goes from dark and dull to bright and cosy in a matter of seconds! They’re also pretty festive, so perfect for this time of year!

Wall prints: Bare walls are the one thing I cannot stand in a uni room.. It makes the room feel so much colder and ‘not lived in’, if that makes sense? My room honestly looked like a prison before I added my cute wall prints – it was gross. You can buy cute wall flags for a decent price from Desenio.

Wall flag: Before having a browse online, I thought wall flags were so expensive. Turns out I found some adorable ones straight away for around £12! It ended up averaging out at about £20 as I had to pay for shipping from America, but that’s still cheaper than I originally anticipated. These are great for taking up space on a bare wall as they tend to be quite big. They’re also great at making the room feel cosy and more homely, in my opinion. My wall flag literally transformed my room!

Lots of blankets: Lots of blankets and a big fluffy throw has been a lifesaver for me living in a flat on my own for the past two years. Whenever I start to feel homesick or just generally lonely, cuddling up to a big blanket with a hot drink with Netflix on is always so comforting to me!

What are your biggest ways to make a uni house into a home? I’d love some more ideas! Let me know down in the comments.


5 thoughts on “How to Make a University House a Home | Blogtober 2019

  1. Great ideas! I didn’t need to move out for college but I can definitely see how all of these would make a plain dorm room feel more homey!


  2. There’s so many great ideas here — and so many I used myself back when I was in university!! I’d also definitely recommend tapestries, they cover so much space and area always so beautiful.


  3. Great ideas! I wish I had tried some of these while I was in university. All I remember was single glazing, freezing temperatures, magnolia walls with damp and mold, and high rent!


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