‘Working On Us’ Week #9 | Music Therapy

Hi, loves!

It’s that time again where I answer some question prompts created by the lovely Beckie’s Mental Mess! This is week number 9 and I’ve been loving them so far, so let’s get started and see what questions this week has to offer, shall we?!

Prompt #1 Questions:

  • Have you ever received music therapy as part of your treatment?  If so, what kind of music was introduced to you? Nope, I haven’t unfortunately. I’d love to though.
  • Do you listen to music ( if/when) you meditate?  If so, what kind of music do you listen to? I usually just put on a meditation video that tends to have relaxing, slow, tranquil music playing in the background quietly. It really helps me to relax.
  • If you have never tried music therapy as a treatment, what types of music calm and/or mellow you? Bands like The 1975 really help me to relax, as their music is something I’d almost describe as ‘magical’ due to it being so slow and almost hypnotising.
  • Do you believe music helps everyone and there is really no use for therapy in this regard? I do believe music can help anyone and everyone, but I also feel music therapy is a great thing that can help many people.

Prompt #2 Music Selection:

Select 2 music video’s that help you and your mental stability when you listen to it.  Also, describe how those songs make you feel?

1.) The 1975 – Robbers

This song makes me feel so relaxed by givng that fuzzy feeling in my head, haha. That’s the only way I can describe it. Does anyone know what I mean or am I going mad?

I can’t really think of a specific second song, however anything with positive lyrics that’s upbeat usually works at cheering me up. 🙂

Lots of love,

Soph. xx


6 thoughts on “‘Working On Us’ Week #9 | Music Therapy

  1. H there, Sophie! Thank you so much for participating again this week! You are awesome!! 🤗 You and I have quite a bit in common. I have never attended music therapy because my mental health facility doesn’t give a group in regards to it, they do, however, hold art therapy. I too love or should say, adore meditation music for all the same reasons you listed. From the moment I get up, it’s turned on. Hell, it’s kept on for almost the entire day. my Peanut (parrot) loves it too, keeps him quite mellow. I too love the music from the ’70s because of the lyrics. They were more in touch with emotions and a sign of the times. I listen to anything from the ’50s to ’90s, You could say I love just about all music, minus rap. LOL! I’ll have to check out 1975’s Robber. I’ll check back with you after I listen to it.
    Thank you so very much again, for participating in Week #9 of “Working on Us” It’s a real pleasure to have you aboard!! 💚🎶
    Take Care,


  2. I’m currently writing a post about my experiences of all the therapies that I’ve endured over the years; and I am genuinely unsure if I’ve ever done music therapy or not! I remember doing music at a psych ward but I can’t recall if that was only on the school side.
    I learned to play steel drums which was pretty cool.
    I was also taught a chant during meditation which I guess activates the Vagus nerve which is, I believe, one of the benefits of music therapy.

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    1. I don’t think it’s too common, which is unfortunate as I think it would be really helpful for a lot of different people! Haha, I’d love to learn to play steel drums. Thank you for your comment, lovely! xx

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