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Hi, loves!

I’ve been dying to place a huge order on Beauty Bay for the longest time, but as we all know I’m a student and my funds are, well… non-existent. So I thought a wish list is the next best thing, right?! There’s currently 35 items in my ‘liked’ section of the website… So maybe I’ll just let you guys in on my top 10.

Wish List

Juvia’s Place ‘Zulu’ Eyeshadow Palette: Don’t get too mad at me here, but I’ve never tried Juvia’s Place. EVER! They’ve always been a brand I’ve been dying to try out but just not got round to purchasing yet, unfortunately. This palette looks absolutely stunning, but I just can’t justify purchasing it at the moment as I have some similar palettes. Has anyone tried Juvia’s Place? Is the brand as good as it looks?! Let me know down in the comments. The palette retails at £20, which really isn’t too bad for a decent eyeshadow palette with 9 shades.

Farsali Unicorn Essence: If you haven’t heard of this, have you been living under a rock?! Everyone and their mum on Youtube was using this and reviewing it last year. I’m itching to try it out for myself and see if it’s worth the hype or if it’s overrated, but it’s SO expensive! Even the tiny bottle is £10, and trust me – it’s TINY! I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to justify this, but if I ever do take the leap it’ll definitely be the small version I purchase as there’s absolutely no chance I’m spending £50 (yes, you heard that right) on the 30ml bottle.

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder – Shade ‘Light’: If you’ve ever watched Nikki Tutorials on Youtube, chances are you’ve heard her raving about this contour powder. She makes it sound amazing, and honestly it looks amazing just in the small image on the Beauty Bay website. However, £32 for such a small pan is extortionate. Honestly, I think this is something I will probably save for a hopefully pick up at some point as I’m so fair skinned it’s rare for me to find my perfect contour shade, and it seems this may be it.

Milani Baked Bronzer – Shade ‘Dolce’: This looks like the perfect bronze shade for someone with fair skin like me, and it’s quite cheap for the pan size too (£11)! This is something I will most likely pick up in the near future, but just haven’t gotten round to it yet. The word ‘baked’ sounds right up my street too (if that makes any sense? it just sounds like something I’d love in a bronzer!)

Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask: Well, after typing that long-winded name out I think I need a break.. This sleeping mask seems right up my street – ‘pomegranate superfood’ is calling my name to be honest! Dr. Botanicals is a skin care brand I’ve been dying to try for a few months now as they’re cruelty free and the reviews are great. Unfortunately, I can’t justify any more skin care at the moment! I’ve got waaay too much for my own good.

Cover FX Power Play Concealer – Shade ‘P Light 1’: This concealer is priceeeeeey, to say the least. I’d have to take out a loan if I was to purchase this. Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic – it’s only £21.50, but that’s still a hell of a lot for a small tube of concealer. I really want to try it out though as the reviews are quite good and I really like the packaging – is that a good enough reason to buy this concealer?! However, as well as the price, another downfall is that I’m really not too sure the lightest shade looks light enough for me.. Story of my life.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics ‘Blue Blood’ Eyeshadow Palette: To be honest, I just want every single product he’s ever released.. But that may be a bit too far on my part. His packaging is just so aesthetically pleasing, and the products I have tried (liquid lipsticks) have been AMAZING quality. I really can’t fault his makeup line (from what I’ve tried). However, this palette is just too pricey for me to afford at the moment. I may put it on my christmas list though!

Gerard Cosmetics ‘Slay All Day’ Setting Spray: I tried this spray once when my friend gave me a try, and I really liked it. It’s quite expensive though, and when it comes to setting spray the only expensive product that wins me over every time is the Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’. No other setting spray seems to compare for me, so I’m not sure I could ever replace it! The ‘Slay All Day’ setting spray is really good though, and I would love to add it to my makeup collection.

Sigma Beauty ‘Time and Tame’ Clear Brow Gel: To be honest, I love Sigma brushes but that’s the only thing I’ve tried from the brand. This brow gel is just the first one I found that seems to be a decent price and have good reviews, so I’d love to try it out! However, if you guys have any cheaper suggestions that are good quality please let me know down in the comments! Help a gal out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette: Last but not least, this eyeshadow palette is probably the product I want the most on my whole wish list. The colours are speaking my name and the reviews seem really good. I know from previous experience with Anastasia Beverly Hills that they are a reliable brand and their eyeshadow palettes never disappoint. Another one I’ll have to save up for I think! I need a pay rise please..

So, there we have it! My top 10 items on my Beauty Bay wish list. Did I mention anything you have tried? How did you get on with it? Please let me know down in the comments, as well as some of the items on your wish list!

Lots of love,

Soph. xx

*Amazon affiliate links:

Juvia’s Place ‘Zulu’ eyeshadow palette:

Farsali Unicorn Essence Mini:

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder – ‘Light’:

Milani Baked Bronzer – ‘Dolce’:

Dr Botanicals Superfood Sleeping Mask:

Cover FX Power Play Concealer – shade ‘P120’:

Jeffree Star ‘Blue Blood’ Eyeshadow Palette:

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray – ‘Watermelon’:

Sigma Brow Gel – ‘Light’:

ABH Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette:


24 thoughts on “Beauty Bay Wish List

  1. Juvia’s Place creates amazingly pigmented shadows, but I’ve never tried the Zulu palette. If you’re able to order from their actual website, you totally should because they have KILLER sales during the holiday time period + you can still use affiliate codes on top of those sales!!

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    1. I’ve never tried anything from them so I’m keen to try anything really! Oh really? I didn’t know they tend to have good sales – that’s deffo something I’ll keep in mind. Thanks lovely 🙂 xx


  2. I would love to try any of Jeffree Star’s eyeshadow palettes too! I just wish they were cheaper though, because thats just so much for me to spend on a palette! His lipsticks are some of my favorites, too – they’re amazing quality! Thanks for sharing your wishlist, this was so fun to read! 🙂

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    1. Me too! I used to have no problem spending £40-£45 on an eyeshadow palette, but now I’m older and working harder for my money I just can’t justify it! 😦 Thank you for your comment, lovely! ❤


  3. I’ve not bought anything from Beauty Bay, but I really want too! I haven’t tried Juvia’s either so you are not alone there! I’ve got the Dr Botanicals mask from a Birchbox, but I haven’t tried it yet.

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

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  4. I am a complete beauty novice so have never even heard of beauty bay but I have heard of Jefferee Star cosmetics and know that they are meant to be amazing – alongside the Alyssa Edwards palette so I hope you get those from your wish list!

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    1. I just don’t know if it’s being too hyped up my Instagram or if it’s actually good, but I don’t think I’ll ever justify it either haha! Even the £10 version isn’t worth it as it’s so tiny 😦 x


  5. I love Beauty Bay! I haven’t shopped there in so long but I definitely need to have a look and see what new things they have. The Juvias place palettes all look amazing! And the shade are so gorgeous, it’s also on my wish list x

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    1. Yeah, I love looking at the ‘back in stock’ bit as that’s where the best stuff tends to be that everyone’s buying atm! I hope you get the things on your wish list soon 🙂 x


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