“Working On Us” Mental Health Prompt – Week #8

Hi, loves!

Today, I want to post another one of the Mental Health Prompts created by Beckie’s Mental Mess. I personally love her prompts and love answering them weekly! You can find this weeks here!


Success Stories of overcoming (an anxiety/panic attack, manic bipolar episode, whatever.)

Prompt #1  Write a narrative of what works for you when in the midst of a crisis, such as, anxiety/panic attack or a manic episode.  Please give an example of what happened, and how you broke free from it.

Example: Coping skills, talking to a family member or a friend, and/or therapy, mediations… (Just to name a few).

Honestly, I still find it super hard to develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with these things. It’s a lot easier for me to go straight for the unhealthy ones, but I know in the long run they actually make things worse. When I’m having a panic attack or feel one coming on, I always take my prescribed Propranolol immediately to lower my heart rate. When I’m anxious, I have a trick where I try to turn the anxiety into excitement. They’re both very similar emotions, so it can really help.

Prompt #2 Pick One or Both The Photos/Pictures and explain how it makes you feel?

Example: In any format you choose!  (Poetry, Short Prose, etc…)

Aah, cleansing, refreshing rain.

This image makes me feel extremely content, comfortable and peaceful. Heavy rain mixed with sun is so beautiful to me.

Rainbow Above The Flower Field

This image makes me feel happy and positive.

Let me know your answers to this prompt down in the comments! I’d love to hear them!

Lots of love,

Soph. xx


7 thoughts on ““Working On Us” Mental Health Prompt – Week #8

  1. Hi, Sophie! I’m so pleased you joined us again on “Working on Us” and utilizing all the prompts this week.
    Just curious… You mentioned that you go for the wrong choices when it comes to coping mechanisms, what might that be? (If you don’t mind me asking, that is). I can also appreciate your view of anxiety and excitement having that they are similar. That is certainly one positive way of looking at it, not one that I ever thought of before… But, you know something, I’ll try that the next time I get hit with an anxiety attack. Maybe, I’ll add a bit of confetti into the mix to level me out. LOL! That is a good point though… I use to be thrilled, scared, and/or experience an adrenaline rush when riding rollercoasters… I really should try to view it as that.
    I agree with both of your answers to the picture prompts. I personally love sunshowers, for they also create the rainbows. Great answers to all of the above!
    Thank you so much again for participating in this week’s “Working on Us”
    God Bless! 💚


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